Our Latest Pulls - Coming Soon!

At Bandicoot Collectibles, we're wanting to be the very best (like no one ever was) in Australian vintage Pokémon card supply. We've got a long way to go. So much so you could say we're still in our own metaphorical Pallet town!

But when we're not selling Pokémon cards, the Bandicoot Collectibles Team are collecting them.

We'll be sharing some of our unboxing videos soon to keep you across our own collection to keep our much loved Pokémon community alive and well during lockdowns.

Our first video - opening a Chilling Reign ETB - will be out soon so watch this space!

Battle Styles ETB | PokeDirect | Trainers Welcome

In the mean time, check out our first edition cards.

Or maybe shadowless cards are more your style.

But if you can't decide, just have a browse through our whole Pokémon TCG collection.


Either way, keep collecting. We're looking forward to opening some booster packs with you soon!


The Bandicoot Collectibles Team


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