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Chilling Reign - Celebration Event!

After the printing delays pushing back Elite Trainer Boxes and Booster Boxes, it feels like Battle Styles has JUST really landed. But a brand new Pokémon set is just on the horizon. Titled Chilling Reign in the west, this set is big. Like real big! We’re talking 233 cards in total with 198 cards in the base set and a whopping 35 secret rare cards! For you collectors, this one will keep you busy for a while.

Though it’s set to launch on the 18th of June, we’ve headed to a celebration event (not a “pre-release” for… reasons) to get our hands on some of the cards, battle test them and start our collection. If you haven’t been to a one of these before, get in touch with your local tcg store to see how you can get involved in the next one.

In these events you’ll buy a build and battle pack that comes with 4 booster packs, a selection of pre-assigned cards to help you build a 40 card deck and an exclusive promo card. For Chilling Reign there are 4 promos:

Cressellia (psychic), Passimian (fighting), Inteleon (water) & Cinderace (fire).

We managed to pull a Passimian pack. From the 4 boosters, we were very lucky. Pulling a Galarian Zapdos V, a Blissey V and a gold secret rare Electrode! Probably the best luck from 4 booster packs we’ve had in a while.

Once the decks were built, it was time to play! 3 rounds of best-of-3-games wins. The Blissey V was an absolute beast with its 10 attack +30 per attached energy coupled with the ability to attach 3 more energies from the discard and took me through most of my games.

The first round was lost though due to a few miss plays and some gaps in the built deck. The next round was a draw after timing out, but the last round was taken out in a clean sweep.

At the end of the day, our fighting/psychic deck earned us a 5th place out of 10 entrants. The winning deck involved an alternate art Metagross V and used Inteleon’s Quick Shooting ability frequently to take out benched Pokémon for prize cards.

This event marked a great start for what is sure to be a fantastic new set full of some of the best alternate art the game has ever seen. We can’t go past the secret rares for the Galarian legendary birds.

What cards are you looking forward to pulling? Let us know in the comments below.


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