Cards for Canines

Is there any closer friend than a kid's pet? It's definitely a theme that Pokemon instils in their many adventures, and one that 8-year-old Bryson Kliemann took to heart.

In May of this year, elite-trainer Bryson set up shop on the roadside with a large cardboard sign to earn money for his puppy Bruce's treatment. On just the first night, Bryson says he made $65! 

But the story doesn't end there. Bryson's mother used a photo of his road side mart and created a GoFundMe that quickly gained traction. With Pokemon's renewed and strengthening popularity, the GoFundMe for Bruce surpassed the $800 goal and is currently $5,905.

Then, Byson's story reached the Pokemon Company who promptly sent him several Battle Decks and a copy of Pokemon Battle Academy. The delivery came with a note reading: "Hey Bryson, we were so inspired by your story about selling your cards for your dog's recover, these are some cards to help you replace the ones you had to sell."

And with the amazing support from the community, Bruce gotten his hyper potion and is back to his playful self. The family plans to give back to the community with the excess funds going to other local sick pets.

Professor Oak would be proud!


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