5 Poké-buys That Will Make Every Cool-guy and Bug Catcher Jealous

There are more ways than one to catch ‘em all. Beyond purchasing the classics we all love on the Bandicoot Collectible e-store, you can run the streets with Pokémon Go, dust of the Gameboy colour, or even crash into the world of Pokémon plushies.

If you want to expand your Pokémon collection, check out these 5 Poké-buys that will make every cool-guy and bug catcher jealous - no item finder required!

Epilogue: GB Operator $49.99

This sexy operator allows you to save and play between the classic GB on your Mac, PC, and Linux! The clear unit completes the nostalgic experience by emulating those classic transparent GB shells while keeping modern with a USB-C cable. Setup is quick and simple with the use of an app and it even allows the user to customise buttons. Then there’s the added benefit of being able to finally stream your gaming adventures!

Bonuses include it’s ability to recognise bootleg cartridges, save profiles to your computer, and even reads cartridges from Gameboy and Gameboy Advance. Check out this review to get a fantastic review before making the journey to a Pokémart yourself.

Pokemon Planters $44.00 )

I love supporting local businesses, especially when they’re fellow nerds!

The4thSlice is a small business in Australia that creates a variety of 3D prints. Today’s focus is their adorable, four-piece starter Pokémon planters. Colour co-ordinated to each Pokémon’s element, the set includes Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pikachu, and (the best starter ever imho) Squirtle. Personally, I love quirky household items that hint to a homeowner’s nerdy soul, and these would do that perfectly.

Pokemon Planters

Nintendo Switch Joystick Caps $6.99

From classic portable consoles to the 21st century – let’s check out these Nintendo Switch joystick caps! Colourise your console with either Red or Blue PokéBall caps with the added benefits of extra radius for better thumb grip, joystick protection, and comfort. Almost as good as a pair of running shoes from your mum... but for your thumbs.

Joystick Caps

Pokémon – Pokéball Duffle Bag $69

Look, it’s a gym bag. And if you use it at the gym, I bet you’ll meet the right people. Just avoid the guy at the very back.

There's no better bag that this when you're channelling your inner Machoke and go pump some iron! Who knows, you might just lead the gym one day.

Pokemon Dufflebag

Zar Pindom – Squirtle Enamel Pin $25

Zar Pindom sell both individual pins and run a subscription based Patreon where you can vote for designs and collect monthly releases from across different fandoms. I had the privilege of purchasing one of their Magikarp pins from their Supanova stall. Not only is it a sturdy and colourful pin, it also cleverly includes transparent material for the water. And I didn't even need an HM03 to catch it!

They've also travelled from Kanto to Gotham City to a Galaxy Far Far Away to bring a range of pins from other franchises. From glow in the dark Joker pins to mix medium Star Wars pin, these guys design some amazing collectables.

Zar Pin Squirtle

But of course, there are more cool collectibles and nifty nic-nacs out there. Have you snagged a Pokémon deal that should have made the list? Sharing is Caring! Tell us your favourite Pokémon purchase in the comments below.

But, as always, the classic cardboard monsters are always winners when it comes to collecting. From Meowth to Mewtwo, our e-mart is stocked and ready for the eager trainer.


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